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by Renee' LeMire, Tracy Papinchock, Susan Shimek and Linda Zvitkovitz


The wiki pages listed to the left will provide detailed information about KidBlog.org and its use by school library media specialists. The links below will take you to our Prezi and to the KidBlog site we created for the fictional Mrs. Tralinsusren.

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Link to our Sample KidBlog

To log in as a teacher use the following:
Username: tralinsusren
Password: towson4

Blogging is keeping an online personal journal which may contain reflections, images and hyperlinks provided by the writer, and allows readers to interact through comments. In 2006, Matt Hardy, a third grade teacher was trying to keep up with technolgy. He wanted his students to participate in classroom blogging. However, he was finding that it was not easy or safe for them. He did not want them to have to remember passwords, give out personal information, or be subjected to advertisements. He also wanted to be able to control what information the students submitted. Therefore, he and a partner, Dan Flies, created the site, KIDBLOG. This blog site was designed specifically for elementary and middle school teachers and students.