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by Renee' LeMire, Tracy Papinchock, Susan Shimek and Linda Zvitkovitz

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American Library Association (2006) Standards for the 21st century learner.Retrieved June 22, 2010 from Document ID: 248674These standards have become the foundation for many school library programs in the country. The use of blogging helps meet quite a few of the standards as it allows for 21st century collaboration and digital citizenship.

Blogtap. (2010). a free blogging platform for the elementary and middle school classroom.
BlogTap: The Latest in Blogging.
elementary-and-middle-school-classroom/ This blog post features an interview with the creator of
Kidblog, Matt Hardy, and provides even more detailed information about Kidblog than can be found on
Kidblog's own website.

Crie, M. (2008, October). Using blogs to integrate technology in the classroom. Teaching Today. Retrieved
from This article explains to educators what blogging is. It describes the educational benefits of blogging in the classroom, as well as, the risks that you need to be aware of. Crie, also tells teachers the steps they need to take in order to prepare their students for blogging and how to set their blogging site up.

Gorman, M. (2008). Kidblog: Kids blogging. . .teacher supervision. . .and it's free!. 21 St Century Educational
Technology and Learning
. Retrieved June 22, 2010 from
/08/kidblog-kids-blogging-teacher-supervision-and-its-free In his blog, Michael Gorman, a nationally
known presenter on the subject of 21st Century learning, reviews He lists many advantages of, especially its privacy settings, and offers screenshots as well.

Kenuam, A. (2010) Fourth grade culture Studies students now international bloggers. Learning Today.
Retrieved June 22, 2010 from
Students-Now-International-BloggersThis article describes how a 4th grade social studies teacher uses to allow her students communicate with students around the world as a part of a culture studies
unit. They have had more than 1,000 visitors to their blog from more than eight countries.

Killer Startups (2010). - A blogging platform For teachers. Retrieved June 23, 2010 from A brief overview of Kidblog for teachers in this short video.

Kolbert, Lee. (2010). How to blog it forward. A Geeky Mom's Blog. Ask Questions. Lots of Questions.
Retrieved June 21, 2010 from In her
blog, she talks about the benefits of blogging with students and she conducts an interview with a student to
get her thoughts and support her position.

Youtube. (2010). Kid blog This
Youtube video walks a user through step by step instructions on everything from setting up a Kidblog
account, to adding users, to managing controls for privacy settings, and to posting, editing, and approving

Youtube. (2008). Top 10 Reasons to Blog in the Classroom ( This Youtube video gives the viewer ten reasons why blogs should be used in the classroom. The reasons vary from literacy to differentiation.