KidBlog can be used with all content areas. Math teachers could have students respond to brief constructed responses through KidBlog. Students could respond to reading, science, social studies questions on KidBlog. Using the site for students to write conclusions to experiments or for writing is also a possibility. So if this technology can be used in the classroom, how can teachers differentiate instruction? Some possiblities are:

  1. Providing sentence starters to students who require them.
  2. Giving students rubrics based on their needs.
  3. Providing specific checklist for students to follow.
  4. Using tiered questioning.
  5. Pairing students and having them work together.
  6. Allowing high achieving students the ability to start their own blogs and monitor other online discussions. (See the link below about a fourth grade class and how they have used KidBlog to study and meet people around the world.)