Additional Considerations - Tech Requirements

Kidblog is a free classroom blogging tool. It allows teachers to add users without requiring any personal information. Teachers can control who is posting and viewing the website. Teachers have the ability to edit, approve and delete any comment at any time. Students are able to post blogs and comment on other blogs posted. This is a great way to extend learning beyond the walls of the classroom!

Technical Requirements
  • Web browser
  • Internet Access
  • Keyboard
  • 100 MB of free storage space is provided through the website
  • Multimedia posts can be uploaded to the website (pictures, files, sound)

  • Easy to use interface
  • The creator (teacher) has the options to post, review, manage users, and manage settings - All of these options are viewable in the Dashboard (like a homepage) that alerts them to all new activity
  • Picture2.png
  • The student has the options to view all posts, make additional posts and comments
  • Picture3.png
  • The pages are clutter free and contain simple menus for easy navigation

  • Completely free!
  • Multiple classes can be created
  • No advertising

  • Digital Citizenship
    • The teacher adds the students to the class blog - a username and password is selected - no student emails are required
    • No personal student information is collected
  • Ethical Use
    • The teacher has the ability to edit, approve, or even delete student comments
    • A button can be selected to allow the teacher to view every comment and post before it is published to the blog
    • Privacy settings can be changed to control who can view and edit on the blog
    • Picture1.png
  • 12 Safety Tips on Blogging for Parents and Kids
    • Check out this website from Microsoft on blogging safely

Parental Involvement
  • Guests accounts can be created for parents who want to monitor their child's posts

Accessibility Options
  • Screen Magnifier
  • Screen Reader
  • Alternative Keyboard
  • Voice to Text software

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